Ingrid enjoys watching adult students discover the joy of learning as they take classes that speak to their soul.

ingrid bracey, director

For over twenty years, Ingrid Bracey has been teaching and advising UWW students. She has dedicated her life to increasing access to higher education for non-traditional students and believes that college is a right that should be available to everyone.

Her favorite part of her job is the students- listening to them, advising them, learning from them. She enjoys watching adult students discover the joy of learning as they take classes that speak to their souls. Her favorite students have been those who come in thinking they want to or have to study one thing and then decide that their dream lies elsewhere- like the police officer she worked with who realized he always wanted to study art. 

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Born and raised in Grenada, Ingrid traveled extensively before beginning her studies at Friends World College in New York at the age of 18. There the world was her classroom- literally- and for four years she traveled and studied the liberal arts and humanities, immersing herself in political theory, history and literature. As you can imagine, she has the most amazing stories. 

An experimental educational institution, Friends World College was founded on the belief that students' education should be experiential; that they should immerse themselves in places around the world to gain knowledge. Ingrid did that, demonstrating what she learned not through exams, but through written portfolios. Although Ingrid has a scientific mind (she originally wanted to be a physicist or a meteorologist like her father) and was a successful artist for a time, she's a historian at heart. Her dissertation- which she completed and defended while sleep-deprived caring for her infant son- focused on educational policy for blacks in South Africa from 1652-1949. 

educational background

  • B.A., Friends World College, New York
  • Ed.D., education, University of Massachusetts Amherst

teaching and research interests

international education and global studies.