"I have learned so much from my Professors who were committed to educational excellence, & the diverse group of classmates I had the privilege to connect with & learn from." -UWW alum

taking classes

nuts and bolts

UMass UWW follows the traditional university academic calendar. There is a Fall semester and a Spring semester- each 14 weeks long. Most UMass UWW students take two courses a semester in order to qualify for financial aid, but you can take as many or as few courses as you would like. You also have the option of taking Winter session and Summer session courses. These accelerated semesters are great for helping you earn credits quickly and accelerate your degree. And if you need to take a semester or two off, no problem. We understand that life happens.

challenging courses

As a world class, regionally accredited university, UMass Amherst prides itself on creating an academically rigorous learning environment. Expect your courses to be challenging. Your hard work will pay off once you have that valuable University of Massachusetts Amherst diploma in hand.

how online courses work

Online courses offer many of the benefits of classroom learning, while providing you with the convenience and flexibility to complete course work according to your own schedule. As with bricks and mortar classes, you will have instructors, classmates, timelines and deadlines, and assignments. You will engage in discussion with your instructor and classmates online.

The only thing you'll need to take your courses online is an up to date computer system and an open mind (learn more about technology requirements). And if you need help navigating your online course, 24/7 tech support and live chat is available. 

Where and what time of the day you choose to complete your coursework is up to you. You might choose to read a chapter during a lunch break, take a quiz after the kids are in bed, or discuss an assignment with your classmates while sitting at a cafe. The choice is yours.