UWW faculty in their caps and gowns at commencement.

"I don't know where they found these people, but they're exceptional. They made me want to be there, they made all of us want to be there."

-UWW alum

faculty & staff

we're all in this together. 

At UWW we are invested in your success and committed to seeing this through with you. Our academic advisors, full-time faculty, staff, as well as your community of fellow students, are here to support you every step of the way.

our academic advisors

Meet our professional academic advisors. Your academic advisor will stick by you every step of the way from the moment you become a student through graduation, keeping you on track, and providing you with advising, support and reassurance when you need it. 

Donna Devine donna devine
academic advising            
Chelsea David chelsea warren
academic advising 
Cara Newton cara newton
academic advising

our faculty

Meet the full-time faculty who will teach your very first class, help you design your program of study, and help you earn credit for your experience. As a UMass UWW student you will also take classes with other distinguished UWW instructors as well as faculty throughout UMass Amherst. 

David Bartone david bartone Mitch Boucher mitch boucher
Ingrid Bracey ingrid bracey
Jaqueline Castledine jacqueline castledine
Abigail Dallmann abigail dallmann Lisa Fontes lisa fontes
Connie Griffin connie griffin
Lisa Modenos lisa modenos
Shekhar Regmi shekhar regmi
chief academic advisor 
Julie Skogsburgh julie skogsbergh
Jamal Watson jamal watson    

our staff

Our committed staff is here to help. Feel free to contact us.

Maria Aigner maria aigner
advising assistant
richard caiander richard caiander
Melanie DeSilva melanie desilva
Joan Iwanicki joan iwanicki
office manager
Jesse Lederman jesse lederman
recruitment &
pre-admissions advising
Myles Sanders myles sanders
recruitment &
pre-admissions advising
Emily Schneider emily schneider
student services