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journalism studies

“Without journalism there’s no democracy."  – Pedro Torres, Editor of El Diario de Juarez, Mexico

Journalism is a noble profession, foundational to democracy. Technology, corporate consolidation, and a challenging economy continue to transform the field of journalism. At UMass UWW you can finish your bachelor's degree 100% online with a focus in journalism studies and get the cutting-edge skills you need to advance in this rapidly evolving field. 

Whether you are a seasoned journalist or new to the field, UMass UWW will provide you an outstanding journalism education to help prepare you for a host of important and dynamic professions, including travel writing, sports writing, photojournalism, science writing, arts criticism, citizen journalism and more.

And best of all, our flexible journalism education program gives you the opportunity to bring in or earn up to 100 credits for your prior learning and experience. This accelerates your degree and saves you money. 

award-winner instructors. journalism studies courses you need. 

You will study with award winning instructors and professional journalists at the top of their field through the nationally recognized UMass Amherst Journalism Department.

Journalism studies course topics will include news writing and reporting, interviewing skills, online journalism, digital photo journalism, journalism ethics, international journalism, magazine writing, public relations, and writing about sports, travel, food, science and more. 

a great journalism education. credit & support you deserve. 

The University Without Walls (UWW) is an academic major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst designed to help adults just like you complete your first bachelor's degree at a world-class public university.

At UMass UWW, you can design your own program of study in journalism, bring in or earn up to 100 credits for your prior learning and experience, and finish your degree 100% online without ever having to come to campus. Or take advantage of blended and on-campus courses. 

time tested, custom-built for adults like you. 

For over 40 years, UMass UWW has been serving adult students like you. We understand the daily challenges you face balancing work, family and community responsibilities, and are committed to providing flexible options and outstanding one-on-one support from your first class through graduation.

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