"At UWW I wrote a portfolio that formed the foundation I was to stand on for the next 25 years. I found my purpose through that process..." -UWW alum

uww courses

courses built for adults like you 

We have over forty years experience working with and building curriculum for adult students like you. With UMass UWW you'll get a well-rounded, relevant education that builds on your experience, challenges you intellectually, and prepares you for the future. 

UWW's four core curriculum courses are designed to support you in creating your program of study, meeting university degree requirements, earning credit for the learning you've gained from your experience and enhancing the skills and knowledge relevant to your life and work. Student centered and interactive, UWW's courses use small group discussion, critical thinking, research and writing to give you the opportunity to make powerful connections between your academic learning and your experience. Best of all, we have made sure that our required courses also meet specific university general education requirements. 

frameworks of understanding

This is the first class you will take as a UWW student. In this course you will work with your instructor- who will serve as your advisor for the entire time you’re a UWW student- to create your degree plan. Your degree plan is a map of how you're going to get from point A to graduation. This course also helps prepare you for writing your prior learning portfolio- a set of essays reflecting on your life and work experience that will be evaluated for academic credit.

experiential reflections (you take two)

In your two experiential reflections courses, you will discuss contemporary issues, drawing on your own work and life experience. UWW offers four experiential reflections courses to choose from on the following topics: Leadership, Organizations, Public Policy and Technology. Most students complete these courses in their first two semesters.  

writing about experience

In this course, taken in your second semester, you will write your prior-learning portfolio- a set of essays reflecting on your life and work experience. Your portfolio will be evaluated for up to 30 academic credits, helping you save time and money. As an added bonus, these credits count as UMass Amherst, residency credits.