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Member Testimonials

"I think being part of UWN, and taking part in MWPHE supported my growth in areas not found in a text book or workplace, working with all you smart, productive women introduced me to a world I never knew I missed.  We all work in some form of isolation in this vast institution and get caught into our own soap-operas. UWN is a break away to meet women learn and share.

UWN introduced me to women from different backgrounds, beliefs and work experiences. At first I was an observer, then little by little I felt empowered to participate in a way that could make a difference in women's work lives. I learned to support building women's self esteem, recognize and exercise women's innumerable strengths more thoroughly.

"Chick power is amazing." I am hopeful that I can find or even create a similar organization at my new job."

Thank you all
Yvonne T. Kielb

“Although I missed the luncheon with policewoman, Lisa Kiddwell, I offered my paid lunch to my colleague Judith Cameron. She was so excited by the talk that Lisa gave that she joined UWN. When Judith and Joanne (another member and office mate) came back from that talk, they were so pumped that we all decided to take the RAD course that Lisa and her fellow officers offer on campus. It was amazing. So amazing in fact, that we hope to take the next level. I never would have known about this service if it wasn't for UWN. Now I'm encouraging all my women friends to look into taking this wonderful self-defense class.

Thanks UWN!”
Linda Cahillane Smith

"I love the University Women’s network.  I don’t get out for lunch much so I treasure these lunches with such nice women.

I always have a wonderful experience.  The leadership of UWN is graceful, generous and yes – even loving.  I’ve made nice connections!

The presentations are always interesting and fun.  The lunches are really good – in spite of budget constraints I know UWN occasionally faces.

(How do they do it …. So well!?)  Love the UWN.  A treasured spot at UMass for me!"

Eugenie Harvey 





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