University Women's Network

Promoting Women's Professional and Personal Development

A Message from Van Kehler

A staff member recently contacted me and asked - Why should I join? What will it get me? I'm so glad you asked! 

UWN has been around since 1981.  We are open to all women employees on campus, whether staff or faculty - no matter what position. Women join UWN for different reasons.

I’ve been on campus since 1987.  What I learned is that I would go to work and then home, without expanding my experiences here on campus.  That was until I joined UWN in 2007.

UWN has shown me what else is available on campus and in the community, through guest speakers and by networking with other UWN members. (e.g. The best deals for employee purchasing, Rape Aggression Defense  training for my nieces, meal deals for my elderly parents, who to contact for specific office issues, access to the Recreation Center, etc.)

Some women are looking for a better paying job, or a different type of work. Connecting with women all over campus opens up these possibilities. All UWN women have campus knowledge and experience that is helpful to share. 

Some UWN members just enjoy getting away from the office to enjoy a hot lunch buffet, with china, tablecloth, and fun company…instead having lunch at their desk.

And, others appreciate escaping from their office for an hour, to enjoy being in a welcoming atmosphere. We hope to provide a venue for women to learn and have fun during their workday.

The annual membership dues of $25 helps to pay for three free-to-members events:

  • September Membership Kickoff
  • December Luncheon & Teacup Auction
  • June Chef's Cooking Demonstration & Social 

The dues also help to reduce the cost of the catered buffet lunches for other events. Thank you for contacting us. You may reach me directly at

My best,

Van, UWN Chair