University Women's Network

Promoting Women's Professional and Personal Development

Our Mission

Established in 1981, UWN is a networking group that continually evolves to reflect the current interests and concerns of its members.  UWN values the qualities of integrity and optimism, and maintains a tradition of support and encouragement.  UWN has had over thirty five years connecting the time and talents of University women.

Join Us

As a University Women's Network (UWN) member, you realize networking opportunities, make new friends, and lend your support to a dynamic group of like-minded, professional women. Become a member. Join UWN: UWN Membership Form [PDF]

For women who are already members, but wish to become more involved.  Please complete this form: UWN Steering Committee Roles

  • UWN Museum Tour - Brown Bag Lunch

    UWN Museum Tour - Brown Bag Lunch

    Thursday, February 9, 2017
    Noon - 1pm
    Museum of Contemporary Art - Fine Arts Center

    Eva Fierst, the Curator of Education at the UMass Museum of Contemporary Art and a UWN member, has graciously volunteered to host a Brown Bag lunch* tour of the museum's Spring exhibition, Emancipating the Past: Kara Walker's Tales of Slavery and Power.  For more information on this exhibition, go to:

    Eva has been instrumental in creating educational programing and academic teaching opportunities at the museum. She collaborates with the annual Institute for Curatorial Practice at Hampshire College. Together with the Art History and Studio Art Departments she has generated a Curatorial Fellowship program for graduate students and museum practica for undergraduate students. She holds a degree in Art History from Smith College, has worked as a Teaching Assistant, and is involved in community art projects.

    If you haven't attended one of Eva's previous UWN museum tours, please come see why past participants have enjoyed these events so much! 

    *  What is a Brown Bag lunch? An informal meeting/event that takes place over lunch. It is called a brown bag because the participants bring their own lunches.




    Thu, 02/09/2017
  • UWN Steering Committee Meeting - Members welcome!

    UWN Steering Committee Meeting - Members welcome!

    Wednesday, February 15, 2017
    Noon - 1pm
    Draper Hall, Rm 122

    The UWN Steering Committee will convene to review the budget and plan upcoming events.  This meeting is open to all UWN members.  Please come share your thoughts and ideas!

    Wed, 02/15/2017

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UWN, at its core, is a networking organization. We effectively network with all University women, welcoming women from different types of backgrounds and levels of experience. We achieve this by hosting monthly events throughout the academic year so that there are many opportunities to participate, to create and maintain relationships, and also by committing ourselves to the outreach of new members.

Education and Development

UWN is dedicated to educating and sharing information about women’s health and wellness, finances, workplace conflict resolution, programs and benefits at the University, as well as local arts and cultural offerings. We do this through the invited guest speakers that conduct presentations at our monthly luncheons.

Support and Encouragement

UWN values each member and her unique contributions to the organization. Collectively we understand that being a UWN member means making a commitment to each other, to support one another as we strive towards our professional and personal goals. We achieve this by informal information sharing of workplace experiences, job referrals and references, and resource sharing.