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Established in 1981, UWN is a networking group that continually evolves to reflect the current interests and concerns of its members. UWN values the fundamental qualities of integrity and optimism, and maintains a tradition of support and encouragement. UWN ~ Over thirty years joining the time and talents of University women.

UWN’s Mission
Networking – UWN, at its core, is a networking organization. We effectively network with all University women, welcoming women from all different types of backgrounds and levels of experience. We achieve this by hosting monthly events throughout the academic year so that there a many opportunities to participate, to create and maintain relationships, and also by committing ourselves to the outreach of new members.

Education & Development – UWN is dedicated to educating and sharing information about women’s health and wellness, finances, programs and benefits within the University, and arts and culture. We do this through the invited guest speakers that present at our monthly luncheons.

Support & Encouragement – UWN values each member and her unique contributions to the organization. Collectively we understand that being a UWN member means making a commitment to each other, to support one another as we strive towards our professional and personal goals. We achieve this by informal information sharing of workplace experiences, job referrals and references, and resource sharing.



First Luncheon of the year: October 23rd ,2014 Luncheon at the Hadley room at noon-1:00pm:
Topic: Gardening-Closing your yard for the winter.
OCTOBER 23, 2014

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UWN 2014-2015 Welcome Fall is upon us and the semester is now underway! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and I am hoping that the 2014-2015 academic year runs smoothly. As the new Chair of UWN I am hoping to bring some fresh ideas and new, exciting topics for our upcoming luncheons!

As UWN has reviewed the surveys completed at the end of 2013-2014, we are offering luncheons covering such topics as preparing your gardens for the upcoming winter, networking where you can connect with new members and reconnect with members you have not seen for a while, beating the winter blues with ideas for one day trips and inexpensive getaways during our long New England winter, financial fitness for women and also a luncheon with a director of “Dress for Success”-our charitable organization for the year. Along with these luncheons we are also having our two Members Only luncheons – one in December and on in June!

The UWN Steering Committee is always open to new ideas on speakers as well as any comments our members have. This group provides the opportunity for university women to gather and share their passions, their experience and their intelligence in the aspects of the work environment and outside the university. We understand that being a UWN member is making a commitment to each other, to support one another as we strive towards our aspirations.

We are also looking for members to become more active! Become a member of the Steering Committee or offer to be a hostess at one of the luncheons and meet the members as they join us for lunch! The opportunities are numerous and any commitment is welcome.
The key to our success is each other! Ask a co-worker or a friend to attend a luncheon to meet this group of women. Each of us has something to offer the group – friendship, career goals and most of all experience in life inside and outside of the University. UWN is the perfect group to share and learn from each other. Let’s begin a great year together!

Welcome back,
Laurie Banas
University Women’s Network



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