University Women's Network

Promoting Women's Professional and Personal Development

A Message from Van Kehler, UWN Chair   

A staff member asks: Why should I join? I'm so glad you ask! UWN has been around since 1981.  We are open to all women employees whether staff or faculty - no matter what position. Women join for different reasons. I’ve been on campus since 1987.  Before UWN I would go to work - then home, without expanding my experiences here on campus. Since joining UWN I've learned what's available on campus and in the community through guest speakers and by networking with UWN members; things like the best deals for employee purchasing, free Rape Aggression Defense training for my nieces, meal deals for my elderly parents, who to contact for specific office issues, and about access to the Recreation Center. Read full article

Upcoming Events

  • UWN June Social - Chef Cooking Demonstration

    UWN June Social - Chef Cooking Demonstration

    Wednesday, June 19, 2019
    Noon - 1pm
    Campus Center, Hadley room 10th Floor

    Please join us for food and fun with your fellow university women!  

    To show our appreciation, this annual UWN Chef Demonstration and June Social luncheon is at no cost to members.  Not a member?  You are invited as well! 

    This is also the time to renew your UWN membership! The Annual Membership fee is $25.00 with credit card payment, OR only $20 if paid with check or exact change at this event!

    To register for this event, please see the attached flyer.

    Wed, 06/19/2019

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Get Involved

For women who are already members, but wish to become more involved.  Please send an email to


Sarah Jarman

Sarah JarmanWhy join? It’s a great way to expand your network and make new connections. Everyone is very warm and welcoming and makes a concerted effort to be inclusive and embracing of new members. I rarely leave my department so it’s been wonderful to meet people who work in other schools/departments. I’ve also really enjoyed hearing the various speakers. I’m so glad I joined!

Sarah Jarman, UWN Member, Assoc. Director, Creative Services, Development & Alumni Relations

Eva Fierst

Eva FierstWhy join UWN? UWN is a great place to create a UMass community that transcends the departments, offices, or disciplines on campus. It gets women out of the silos. It is a group of great camaraderie, of smart women, and kindred spirits. The monthly meetings are stimulating and covers a wide range of speakers.

Eva Fierst, UWN Member, Education Curator, Fine Arts Museum, UMass Amherst

Carlene Foreman-Johnson

carlene foreman-johnsonWhy join UWN? Joining the UWN would give you a great opportunity to share and to interact with other women from the UMass family. In addition, you get to share a fun-filled activities, food, and great fellowship.

Carlene Foreman-Johnson, UWN Member, Alumni Financial Business Manager, Development & Alumni Relations