University Women's Network

Promoting Women's Professional and Personal Development

A Message from Van Kehler, UWN Chair   

A staff member asks: Why should I join? I'm so glad you ask! UWN has been around for 36 years.  We are open to all women employees whether staff or faculty - no matter what position. Women join for different reasons. I’ve been on campus since 1987.  Before UWN I would go to work - then home, without expanding my experiences here on campus. Since joining UWN I've learned what's available on campus and in the community through guest speakers and by networking with UWN members; things like the best deals for employee purchasing, free Rape Aggression Defense training for my nieces, meal deals for my elderly parents, who to contact for specific office issues, and about access to the Recreation Center. Read full article                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Upcoming Events

  • UWN Holiday Luncheon

    UWN Holiday Luncheon

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017
    Noon - 1:00pm
    Campus Center - Marriott Meals 11th Floor

    It's nearly time for the UWN Holiday Luncheon and Teacup Auction! This is a free-to-members event.

    Do you want to attend, but are not a paid member?  Please click on the UWN Membership Form link, on the right under Become a Member, to learn how to join.  (New and returning members must pay for membership by 11/30 to be eligible for this luncheon.)

    We will have a reserved table at the Marriott Meals restaurant.                                                         

    There will also be a Teacup Auction for added fun!  Tickets will be available during the luncheon.   How does a Teacup Auction work?  There are multiple prizes.  Each prize has it's own "teacup".  This allows ticket buyers to choose which prize to focus on.  At the conclusion of the auction, one winning ticket is drawn from the "teacup" beside each item, and the item is given to the owner of that ticket.

    More details to follow soon!

    Tue, 12/05/2017

Join Us

Membership is $25 annually. Complete the UWN Membership Form [PDF]. Pay by check, or pay online using QuikPay. You may also use QuikPay to pay for lunches. Your dues include free lunches at these events:

  • annual fall membership kickoff in September
  • a holiday party on 12/7/17
  • the cooking demo social on 6/20/18

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  • Paint and Sip
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Get Involved

For women who are already members, but wish to become more involved.  Please complete this form: UWN Steering Committee Roles [PDF]





UWN, at its core, is a networking organization. We effectively network with all University women, welcoming women from different types of backgrounds and levels of experience. We achieve this by hosting monthly events throughout the academic year so that there are many opportunities to participate, to create and maintain relationships, and also by committing ourselves to the outreach of new members.

Education and Development

UWN is dedicated to educating and sharing information about women’s health and wellness, finances, workplace conflict resolution, programs and benefits at the University, as well as local arts and cultural offerings. We do this through the invited guest speakers that conduct presentations at our monthly luncheons.

Support and Encouragement

UWN values each member and her unique contributions to the organization. Collectively we understand that being a UWN member means making a commitment to each other, to support one another as we strive towards our professional and personal goals. We achieve this by informal information sharing of workplace experiences, job referrals and references, and resource sharing.