UWiL operates under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, with advice from an Advisory Board. Applications for Board of Director positions are accepted on a yearly basis and limited to UMass Amherst alumni. Advisory Board positions are extended by invitation only.

UWiL fellows also receive significant guidance from mentors. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us!

We are excited to welcome the UWiL class of 2017 to our community. We look forward to an exciting semester!

Class of 2017 

  • Emilia Beuger ’18, Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC)
  • Emilia Billett ’19, History and Journalism
  • Madailein Blaney ’18, Political Science and Sustainable Food and Farming 
  • Noel Casey ’17, Political Science and Sociology 
  • Kylie Condosta ’19 , English and Pre-Medical 
  • Jetta Cook ’19, Natural Resources Conservation and Legal Studies 
  • Nuala Deely ’17, Legal Studies and Political Science 
  • Michaela Dunn ’18 , Political Science and Legal Studies 
  • Emma Durkee ’18, Chemical Engineering 
  • Nya Gavin ’17, Legal Studies and Political Science 
  • Rebecca Goldberg ’18, Public Health Sciences
  • Rose Gottlieb ’17, Political Science and Public Health Sciences 
  • Jessica Holley ’19 , Nutrition and Public Health Sciences 
  • Olivia Izzi ’19, Legal Studies 
  • Olivia Jones ’18, Political Science and Journalism 
  • Casey Kelleher ’20, Undeclared 
  • Niamh Mulrooney ’17, Public Health Sciences 
  • Sarah Nordberg ’19, Political Science and Economics 
  • Gabriella Saloio ’18, Environmental Science 
  • Molly Trowbridge ’19, English and Communication 
  • Elizabeth Wallace ’19, Economics and Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC)
  • Elisabeth Yang ’18, Public Health Sciences and Resource Economics