Lulu Amirault

Lulu Amirault

Station Manager

Junior, Undeclared

Lulu helps plan events, maintain the schedule, post social media updates, and keep the station (somewhat) organized.

Station Manager since Fall 2015

Ryan Flynn

Ryan Flynn

Publicity Coordinator

Senior, Communication

Ryan is the Publicity Coordinator, which means he publicizes all of our upcoming events, new productions, and weekly shows through social media, flyers, and word of mouth. He works with student organizations to build relationships and seek out opportunities for collaboration.

Videographer since Fall 2015

Matthew Malone

Matthew Malone

Web Developer, Programmer

Sophomore, Computer Science

Matthew designs and makes updates to the UVC-TV19 website. He also creates the airing schedule for the channel.

Web Developer since Fall 2017

Amanda Welch

Amanda Welch

Sports Producer

Sophomore, International Sustainable Business

Amanda produces and directs UVC-TV19's weekly sports show, UMass Sports Weekly. This includes organizing all material for the show as well as putting up the live broadcast every week.

Sports Producer since Spring 2017

Jonathan Decker

Jon Decker


Senior, Journalism

Jon is a member of the production team at UVC. He works as a videographer recording events around campus for projects to be edited in the studio.

Videographer since Fall 2017