The idea behind The Mobile Community Tree Inventory (MCTI) system was to design a tree inventory software application that could be distributed to arborists, tree managers, city foresters and consultants at no cost via the internet, and have it packaged as a stand alone program, requiring the purchase of no additional computer software
Paper Tally Sheet Template
MCTI Desktop Inventory Software Application
MCTI PDA Data Collection Software
MCTI User Manual
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Microsoft Word Documet
Three Components of MCTI
The MCTI system is comprised of three components, with each component building on the foundation of the previous level. The three levels include the following:

1. Paper tally sheet template
2. Computerized desktop inventory program
3. PDA data collection program
A firm, organization or municipality needs to identify the level of MCTI capability they feel is appropriate for their needs and begin working with that MCTI component. Some organizations may have previous inventory experience and feel comfortable starting with the third level of the MCTI process; other organizations may want to start at the first step.

Paper Tally Sheet Template - This tally sheet provides the simplest least technical tool for recording information on trees that are inventoried. It is a simple paper form that is based on an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel spreadsheet can be obtained from

MCTI Desktop Inventory Software Application
- This component in the MCTI system is a computer-based software application. This software resides on your computer much the same way a word processor or e-mail application does. The software uses has an easy to use screen to enter the data and a database to store information. The data can be entered from the paper-based forms or by using a PDA. Trees in the MCTI database system can easily be searched or modified with just a few mouse clicks, instead of searching a file cabinet. The MCTI system comes with a summary report that produces over two dozen useful statistics.

MCTI PDA Data Collection Software Package

The most efficient and cost effective way to collect and analyze tree inventory data is to use the complete MCTI package. The package includes the desktop software and the data collection software designed for the PDA. The PDA data collection software is free and simple to use. Your organization will need to provide a PDA with minimum memory (2MB) and a personal computer. Once the desktop and PDA software has been downloaded and configured, they are ready for use.
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