FY2003 Northeast Center for U&CF Projects and Operations


Web Training for Volunteer Inventory - Pilot Demonstration

Project Budget $7,500

This project will provide a web based component of a street and park tree inventory based on the utilization of community volunteers. Utilizing the content of the Volunteer Inventory Manual developed by the Center, this project will provide Internet based components of the training curriculum. These components will provide access to resource materials that will compliment instructional items distributed during in-person training sessions. The web based training will reduce the amount of in-person training that will be needed, thereby increasing the efficiency of a volunteer based community tree inventory. This demonstration project will be used to illustrate and evaluate the effectiveness of distance learning for technology transfer.


Web Based Photo Archive - Full Implementation

Project Budget -$15,000

In FY 2002, the initial development of a photo archiving system for tree images has been completed by Trees NY. Full implementation of a web-based collection of images, illustrating Urban and Community Forestry activities is proposed in this project during FY 2003.This initiative will include availably for uploading and downloading of images and graphics, as well as a searchable index of the archived materials.


Storm Damage Assessment Protocol - Phase 2 Implementation

Project Budget -$5,000 from NE Center ($15,000 Overall Budget)

The project will work toward the implementation of the Storm Damage Assessment Protocol on an NA wide basis. Working with the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic Centers for Urban and Community Forestry, this project will work to implement the initial storm damage assessment methods developed as a result of the 1998 Ice Storm. This proposal will enable the development of a strategy for implementation of the assessment protocol, and provide a framework for full implementation including projected costs, a funding strategy and the identification of project partners, cooperators and additional contributors.


Personal Digital Assistants for Urban Forestry Workshops

Project Budget - $12,000

A series of eight 'hands-on' full-day workshops will be conducted throughout the seven state regions, and will include instruction on the use of personal digital assistants (PDAs) for urban and community foresters. These workshops will introduce participants to this technology, in a manner that starts at the basic use of a PDA for personal information management, and will progress to the use of several applications specific to urban and community forestry. It is anticipated to focus these workshops on the Palm OS ® platform. Additionally, each participant will receive a Palm PDA as part of the training program registration fee. It is proposed that these hands-on workshops be limited to 30 participants each. The expected cost of attending the workshops will be $175., which will include the cost of the PDA which the participant will keep at the end of the session.


FY2003 Northeast Center for U&CF Tech Transfer Projects


Tree Failure Database - Pilot Implementation

Project Budget $7,000

Currently, there is no systematic method to collect and quantify information on the tree species, tree defect and conditions that contribute to failure of urban trees in New York or the Northeast.  A highly successful and well-recognized program, known as the California Tree Failure Report Program, was established in 1987 on the West Coast.  This proposal outlines the establishment of a similar program to be implemented in the New York City metropolitan area, including Connectiut, Long Island and Westchester County.  The program will serve as a working model, for possible expanison to the rest of the Northeast.


Mobile Community Tree Inventory, Phase I Modifications

Project Budget $2,500

This project involves the modification of the data collection attributes used in the MCTI software, to incorporate fields that will make the collected data compatible with the UFORE analysis model developed by the NE Research Station in Syracuse.  Additionally, several additional modifications related to utility arboriculture will be added to the MCTI program.


Hazard Tree PDA Toolkit

Project Budget $4,500

This ‘toolbox’ will include the development of a public domain, shareware computer program designed for use with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which will provide a complete procedure for evaluating potentially hazard trees in a community.  The calculator is based on several rating systems currently in use by state and municipalities throughout the country.


Storm Damage Assessment PDA Toolkit

Project Budget $4,000

This ‘toolkit” will provide a mechanism for field application of the storm damage assessment protocol developed by the Northeast Center for U&CF and Davey Resource Group, following the 1998 New England/NY Ice Storm.  The toolkit will be available on the Pocket PC and Palm Pilot platforms.


Community Tree Survey for Storm Planning PDA Toolkit

Project Budget $4,000

This ‘toolbox’ will include the development of a public domain, shareware computer program designed for use with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which will provide a baseline for estimating the overall condition, size and volume of a community’s street tree population.  This program has previously been developed, by the Northeast Center for U&CF, for use in the field with paper tally sheets and Excel based computerized version.  This version will provide a mechanism for simple, easy to use field application, using a PDA.



FY2003 Northeast Center for U&CF FY02 Carryover Project


MCTI -Phase 2 Development and Implementation

Project Budget -$19,500

Scope: Will deliver a fully functional street and park tree operational management component of the Mobile Community Tree Inventory software. This component will be available for download via the Internet, and will include development recommendations from the following communities: Burlington, VT, Springfield, MA and Worcester, MA. Additionally, this Phase 2 project will include GPS integration for MCTI Inventory module, as well as integration with Windows Pocket PC, enabling use of all modules on Pocket PC PDAs, as well as Palm OS PDAs.