Technology Symposium, University of Massachusetts:

This proposal aims to deliver a daylong symposium to the New England/New York region, focusing on state-of-the-art technologies that are available to urban and community forestry managers. This symposium will showcase many of the recent technological advances that are currently being used in urban and community forest management, providing the opportunity for hands-on demonstrations, instructional presentations, and case-study review.


Best Management Practices for Urban Parks, Greenspace, And Recreation Areas to Protect Watershed Health, University of Massachusetts:

This project will compile a compendium of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for urban greenspaces. The compendium will provide practical demonstrations of BMPs for urban watershed areas, as well as deliver a series of informational resource modules.


Fact Sheets, Davey Resource Group:

From 1996 to 2000, the Community Forestry Education Project developed a series of urban forestry "Fact sheets". These fact sheets have been used extensively by educators, foresters, emergency personnel, and tree professionals. This proposal will continue the series, by producing four additional fact sheets, and updating and editing the current series of 33 fact sheets.


Mobile Community Tree Inventory, Springfield, MA:

Training materials and software are being developed for Palm OS hand-held digital devices, that will assist communities in completing inventories of their urban and community forests. The software system will remove barriers (labor and cost) that have traditionally prevented communities from initiating inventory efforts, by providing public domain software that can utilize Palm OS devices.


Tree Planting, Massachusetts Tree Warden and Foresters Association:

This project will develop a compendium of specifications and standards, addressing the proper planting of trees in urbanized landscapes. It will portray case studies from the Northeast states and model construction details that can be used in the design process. This will provide a comprehensive, but succinct and usable reference for use during the planning process in developed landscapes.


Photo Image Library, Trees New York:

Initial development of a photo archiving system for tree images will be undertaken in this planning initiative. A web-based collection of images, illustrating Urban and Community Forestry activities is planned. This initial work will develop the framework for a system to be fully implemented over the next eighteen months.