Northeast Center for Urban & Community Forestry FY 2005 Project Analysis
High Priority
Medium Priority
Lower Priority
Project Title   Status     Comments Estimate Budget  
Website Overhaul     3   Ongoing, will require funding $3,000  
eLLearning, Web and Distance Learning     3   Completed and distributed to 5 states, in 6 workshops $8,000  
Targeted Center Outreach - Specific Topic Workshops     3   Focus on specific training topics ie: Technology $5,000  
Emergency Management Planning including Pilot Communities     3   Working with state Emergency Agencies and State UCF programs $14,000  
Photo-Graphic Web Library     3   Implementation with Tree Link, Trees NY and Forestry Images $6,000  
Informational Clearinghouse - Speaker Database, Grants, Projects     3   Computerized/Web based database; linked with NA and National initiative $7,000  
Local Success Stories Distributed     3   Completed for NY, NH, VT & ME $7,000  
e-Newsletter     3   News, information, updates, state and 3 Center activities $5,000  
Cooperator Communities     3   Continued advancement and cooperation $7,000  
Project City Trees     3   Regional marketing and strategic planning of Initiative $12,000  
MCTI/i-Tree/STEMS Computerized Inventory Tools for PC and PDAs     3   Continued support, technical assistance and revisions $8,000  
Continued Intern/Clerical Support for Center     3   Work toward permanent position; utilize intern in interim $25,000  
Transfer of Existing New Tools - Train the trainer, workshops, consultant training, field of experts, etc.     3   Increased Tech Transfer activity by Center $12,000  
Private Tree Care - Tech Transfer and Outreach     2   Increased outreach and Association Partnerships $5,000  
Local Community Disaster Planning and Response Protocol for Invasive Insects and Diseases     2   Develop model response plans & distribute via workshops $14,000  
Urban Forest Health and Assessment - FIA/FHM     2   Work with FS staff/field offices $4,000  
Increased Partnership with Watershed Team and WET Partnership     2   Increased cooperative efforts/partnership opportunities with WET Center and NA $4,000  
Video/CD-ROM/DVD - Planting, and Mature Tree Care     2   Second in series developed by Center in cooperation with states and utilities $8,000  
Conversion of Videos to DVD - Streetscape Design, Cornell Series     2   Will improve distribution and use by partners $5,000  
Utility Pruning Partnerships     1   Increased partnerships with regional utilities $7,000  
improved Link to Smart Growth Initiatives     1   Work with regional planning agencies $5,000  
Economic Study of U&CF - What's been done and ways to reduce costs     1   Examination of economic cost/benefit of NE/NY UCF initiatives $10,000