USDA Forest Service

Northeastern Area


Fiscal Year 2004

Projects Pending Proposals – Submitted by Northeast Center for U&CF


Project Title:  Cooperator Communities – Compendium Development and Delivery

Amount Requested:       8,000.00




This funding will support the further development of the Cooperator Communities initiative, being established by the Northeast Center for U&CF. This funding will be used to provide cooperator communities with minimal funding to support their participation in the initiative, by providing funding to prepare an annual report on their participation, document their successes and to provide incentive for full participation in the program.




Project Title:  Project City Trees

Amount Requested:       1,000



This funding will be used to support the continued development of the Project City Trees initiative, which is an educational program aimed at outreach to K-3 youth living in urban areas.  The funding will be utilized to convene a planning meeting related to the development of a strategic plan for the Project City Trees concept.




Project Title:  Intern/Clerical Support to Suite of Urban Forestry Projects

Amount Requested:       33,000.00



This project would provide support to Northeast Center for Urban and Community Forestry during FY-2004 until an Area-wide business model can be agreed upon for all three centers.  The project would fund support by UMASS Clerical staff of 10 hours per week; support by an UMASS undergraduate UCF intern during the school year of 20 hours per week and during the summer months of 40 hours per week.


Project support currently occupies between fifty to seventy percent of the Center Coordinator’s time.  Less than one third of the Center Coordinator’s time is available to develop new projects as well as participate in national initiatives. 




Project Title:  University of Connecticut Tree Warden Survey

Amount Requested:       4,000.00



All six New England states have state laws that either require or permit the appointment of municipal tree wardens.  Often tree wardens – a position unique to the New England states - are the primary person responsible for a community forestry program. The better-educated and trained tree wardens become, the better the community forest will be.  Information of the degree of knowledge and skills tree wardens possess vary from state to state. A comprehensive survey that would provide information on the degree of tree warden knowledge and skills within and between states would help guide educational and support efforts.  This funding will support publication, printing, and distribution of the survey findings, including a summary sheet for each individual state.  Printed and web distribution is planned.




Project Title:  Streetscape Video/CD

Amount Requested:       1,500.00



A 16-minute video and CD-ROM titled “From Sketch to Street: Design for the Urban Forest” was developed and distributed by the Northeast Center for U&CF. Over 200 copies of each were distributed around the country, and the video was shown at two national conferences.  Initial supplies of the video and CD are exhausted, and this funding will be used to produce additional copies of each.



Project Title:  State Technology Database

Amount Requested:       2,500.00



This project will pilot test the development of a model for the compiling of a database to track technical assistance provided by state U&CF programs, information related to PMAS accomplishment and tracking PMAS participation levels.  This model would be set up and pilot tested with the six New England states and New York.  This initial funding will be used to establish a replicable model that can be used in other areas.  The proposed iniitiative will complement work currently underway by NA and the National Tech Transfer Team to establish grant-tracking capability.