This Factsheet attempts to provide a guide to some of the most useful resources on urban trees and their care, with special interest for use in the Northeast by public tree managers. It is limited to post 1995, as good lists exist for material from before that date. Extensive recent bibliographies can be found in the books by Harris et al. and Miller. 

Pamphlets and Booklets

American National Standards Institute. 1995-2002. American National Standard for Tree Care Operations (ANSI A300) Pruning, Fertilization, Tree support systems, Lightning protection.  All 4 titles available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.

Bassuk, Nina. 1997. Urban trees: site assessment selection for stress tolerance planting. Ithaca NY: Cornell University, Urban Horticulture Institute. 

Elmendorff, William, and Henry D. Gerhold.  1996.  A Guide for municipal tree commissions.  Mechanicsburg PA: Pennsylvania Forestry Association.

Fazio, J. 1995. Trenching & tunneling near trees. Nebraska City NE 68410: National Arbor Day Foundation, 100 Arbor Avenue. 

Hanson, T., and E. B. Walker.  [n.d.]  Field guide to common insect pests of urban trees in the Northeast. Waterbury, VT: Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

ISA. [n.d.]  Consumer information brochures. Excellent short treatments of topics like Insect and Disease Problems, Mature Tree Care, New Tree Planting, Trees and Turf, Tree Selection, Plant Health Care, Recognizing Tree Hazards, Buying High-Quality Trees, Proper Mulching Techniques. Available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.

ISA. 1995. Tree pruning guidelines. Savoy IL.: ISA. Available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.

Moorman, G. [n.d.] Scouting and controlling woody ornamental diseases in landscapes and nurseries. University Park PA: Penn State University. 

Periodicals Hudler, G. W., and D. Dailey O'Brien, eds. Branching Out. Integrated pest management newsletter for trees and shrubs. Ithaca NY: Cornell University, Department of Plant Pathology. Books         Craul, Phillip.  1999.  Urban soils: applications and practices.  New York:Wiley.

Dirr, M. 1998. Manual of woody landscape plants. 5th ed. Champaign IL:Stipes. 

Harris, R., Clark, J., and N. Matheny. 2004. Arboriculture: integrated management of landscape trees, shrubs, and vines. 4th ed.  Upper Saddle River NJ: Prentice Hall. 

Lloyd, John, et al. 1998. Plant health care for woody ornamentals . Savoy IL. Available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.   

Lonsdale, David.  1999.  Principles of tree hazard assessment and management.  Research for amenity trees Nr. 7. London:Stationery Office.

Matheny, Nelda, and James Clark.  1998.  Trees and development:  a technical guide to preservation of trees during land development.  Champaing, IL:ISA.

Miller, R. 1997. Urban forestry: planning and managing urban greenspaces. 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River NJ: Prentice Hall. 

Watson, G., and E. B. Himelick. 1997. Principles and practice of planting trees and shrubs. Savoy, IL: ISA. Available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.


                    Bassuk, N. 1998. Support your local tree: Cornell structural soil mix, Creating an urban forest: the bare                                          root planting method  and Tough trees for tough sites. 18 mins each.  Download order form

                    Bloniarz, Dave.  2003.  From sketch to street.  Also available as a CD.  Order from address on website.

Costello, Larry.  [n.d.]  Training young trees for structure and form.  Available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.

ISA. 1996. Managing trees for public safety. 3 videos for managers, arborists, and maintenance personnel. Available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.

Watson, G. [n.d.] Root injury and tree health. 9 mins. Available off the web from the ISA, or call 217-355-9516.

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