Urban and Community Forestry Factsheets

These Factsheets are a collection of brief abstracts of Urban and Community Forestry topics. The sheets provide an introduction to a variety of subjects, addressing a wide range of interests, ranging from tree selection and planting to community based initiatives. These topics were originally prepared by Cornell Extension and were recently revised by Davey Resource Group and the Northeast Center for U&CF.

Hazard Mitigation
Community Tree Selection
Tree Inventory
Citizen-based Groups
Hazard Evaluation
Training Young Trees
Buying Quality Trees
Tree Ordinance
Mulching Trees
Staking Trees
Evaluation Trunk Cavities
Underwire Trees
Fertilizing Trees
Predicting Limb Breakage
Street Tree Cultivars
Managing Storm Damaged Trees
Root Damage
Road Salt
Shade Tree Anthracnose
Trees and Sidewalks
Common Maple Problems
Bareroot Tree Planting
Wood-decay Fungi
Kill a Stump
Storm Damage Resources
Native Trees
Setback Planting
Tree Care Standards
Citizen Workers
Computer Ttree Care
Maintenance Pruning
Girdling Roots
Co-dominant Stems
Cabling and Bracing
Preserving Trees

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