Asian Longhorned Beetle Training Modules

These files contain a simple, easy to use self guided training program for identification of the ALB.  These training modules are designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the ALB, its life cycle, host trees and frequently encountered questions regarding the ALB.  The modules contain a mini-quiz at the end of the modules for review of the materials contained in the module.  Each module can be treated individually, as a self-contained study resource.

The modules were developed using existing materials that are available on the web, at the sites noted at   The modules can be used as a self-study instructional guide or as a reference resource.  All of the modules are in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Acrobat.  These documents are in can be modified for the specific variables that may be found in individual locations or training programs.  Please feel free to suggest changes or modifications to the modules. 

The modules were compiled by the USDA Forest Service Northeast Center for Urban & Community Forestry with assistance by the Forest Service Durham (NH) Field Office, APHIS, NY DEC and NY ReLeaf.  Please send your suggestions to

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