Consistency happens when every member of the UMass Amherst community—faculty, students, staff and alumni—accepts their role as a brand ambassador of UMass Amherst.

What does it mean to “brand” UMass Amherst?

A brand is not about a logo. UMass Amherst is successfully branded when all of our constituencies—prospective students, peer faculty from other universities, the public, donors, the media—have the same association and image when they see or hear “University of Massachusetts Amherst.”

Why is branding UMass Amherst important?

For each of us to be successful in the work we do, the University must be successful. When we present the campus consistently, we contribute to that shared association and image of UMass Amherst, and our momentum grows.

As our momentum grows, the reputation of the University of Massachusetts Amherst grows. We each reap the benefits of this growing reputation. Our work is more valued and our chance of success increases: grants are funded; research is reviewed; diplomas open doors.

Here are the tools you’ll need as a brand ambassador for UMass Amherst.