Page Title

Page Titles

The page title displays in the top border of your web browser and is an additional way to identify your site. It also helps with search optimization to make the site identifiable in search results.

The page title of all UMass Amherst websites should include the words University of Massachusetts Amherst or UMass Amherst and the name of your office, department, or program. These phrases may appear in any order.

You may include other relevant keywords that are important for your specific department but keep in mind that Google search results will only display up to about 66 characters.


To create a title tag in HTML

Edit the <title> attribute in the code for your web pages. In the above example of the Biology Department website, this code is:


<title>UMass Amherst: Biology Department</title>


Many web development applications have a shortcut to make this task easier.

To create a title tag in a Drupal site

By default, Drupal will title all your pages with the page title followed by the site title as you've defined these in the site settings. This may not give you the flexibility or specificity you want and you can use the Drupal module Page Title to give you more control over page titles. The Page Title module is pre-installed in all Drupal sites provisioned by OIT.


For more help with using title tags and search engine optimization, please see these sites: