Page Footer

Note that the design and content of the footer changed in September 2012. Please read this section to understand the latest standards.

The page footer shows site ownership, both as part of UMass Amherst and within the specific department or group with the university. All UMass Amherst Web sites should have the official UMass Amherst footer at the bottom of each page which includes the copyright year, and links to University of Massachusetts Amherst, Site Policies and Site Contact (see example below).

You may use either the left-aligned, right-aligned, or centered footer at the bottom of each page.



Requirements for footers:  

  • The footer can be in any typeface and color within the UMass recommendations for color and for typography.
  • "University of Massachusetts Amherst" should link to
  • "Site Policies" should link to
  • "Site Contact" should link to an email address of the person responsible for the content of the site, or to a specific webpage from which it should be obvious who is repsonsible for the site content. 
  • The footer requirement applies to all UMass Amherst sites, whether or not they are developed and/or hosted at UMass Amherst.
  • No other graphics or text should be included in the footer. This includes logos or text crediting site designers or hosts.