Web Guidelines

Web site identity guidelines are important for several reasons. Using these guidelines:

  • Creates a consistent visual brand for all UMass Amherst sites.
  • Shows that your site, and your department or program, is part of UMass Amherst.
  • Provides a search function on each page.
  • Creates consistent navigation back to the UMass Amherst home page.
  • Shows who owns your site and who is reponsible for the content.

The Web guidelines apply to all sites representing UMass Amherst schools, colleges departments, programs, units, research centers, and administrative offices. Personal Web sites, and sites created through Blogs at UMass Amherst are currently not required to adhere to this policy.

See Web Development and Programming for information about our Drupal web development services.

The guidelines consist of four mandatory elements which must be included on each page of of your site and updated as necessary. The elements are:

Colors and Typography

Using UMass-identified colors and typefaces is the most important thing you can do to give your site the "UMass Amherst look." It's important to use the right colors on Web sites to show that your site belongs to UMass Amherst.

More about Colors
More about Typography

Top Banner

The banner strip across the top of the page brands your site as part of UMass Amherst, links back to the home page and provides a site search.

More about Top Banner


The page footer shows site ownership, both as part of UMass Amherst and within your specific department or group with the unviersity.

More about Page Footer

Page Titles

The page title displays in the top border of your web browser and is an additional way to identify your site. It also helps to make the site identifiable in search results.

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Site Validation

There are many other standards, conventions and best practices for website design. One important tool with which you should be familiar is site validation. Validating your site pages will tell you if your work complies with the latest standards and lets you quickly detect errors.

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