Colors for Print

The official colors of UMass Amherst are maroon, white and black.

Conspicuous and consistent use of these colors is key to our branding efforts.

Good designers understand and enjoy the challenge of advancing institutional identity through their creative work. Anybody can create a booklet or poster. Real success is achieved when design adds to the momentum of branding the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

For examples on how these colors can be used effectively in your next design project, call Creative Communications at 545.0123.

The official color of UMass Amherst is PMS 202.

  • On coated papers PMS 202 is recommended.
  • On uncoated papers PMS 201 is recommended.
  • For merchandise, such as clothing or silkscreened items, PMS 506 is the closest match to UMass Amherst maroon.

Correct and consistent use of the official colors helps reinforce the university’s identity. Do not use another shade of red or maroon as a substitute for PMS 202.