Women in the Renaissance

Selections from "English Literary Renaissance"


Did women have a renaissance? In a way, Joan Kelly-Gadol's famous question was itself part of a renaissance. Since the 1970s, interest in women and women's writing of the early modern period has produced an inquiry of extraordinary range and intensity. English Literary Renaissance has been an important medium of that inquiry, beginning with its inaugural issue in 1970. The present volume brings together twelve essays and texts from the journal, including ten from special issues in 1984 and 1988 devoted to "Women in the Renaissance." The book also contains three updated annotated bibliographies of primary and secondary materials that will particularly useful to scholars and students.

Contributors are Sylvia Bowerbank, Ellen M. Caldwell, Jean C. Cavanaugh, Jacqueline DiSalvo, R. J. Fehrenbach, Suzanne Gossett, Elizabeth H. Hageman, Gabriele Bernhard Jackson, Tina Krontiris, Claudia Limbert, William A. Ringler, Jr., Josephine A. Roberts, Sara Jayne Steen, and Carolyn Ruth Swift.

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