image of a pink flower and bird with "A Passion for American Art" title over it

A Passion for American Art

Selections from the Carolyn and Peter Lynch Collection



A Passion for American Art celebrates the outstanding examples of American painting, furniture and decorative arts, and Native American art from the Carolyn and Peter Lynch collection. Peter Lynch, described in the popular press as a “financial wizard” and “stock-picker extraordinaire,” is more soundly characterized as a beloved family man, devout Catholic, effective philanthropist, and passionate collector. This luxuriously illustrated book traces the couple’s growth as collectors, their cultural and aesthetic affinities, and their relationships with artists and fellow collectors. Writer Jeanne Schinto offers a profile of the Lynches and a view into how the collection expresses the couple’s distinctly American sensibility. Curator Dean Lahikainen shares an introduction to the collection and a series of short essays exploring how the Lynches combined diverse works in the living spaces of their homes. The catalog honors the couple’s credo: a reverence for humanity, a love of history, and an appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

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