The Collected Essays of Christopher Hill

People and Ideas in Seventeenth-Century England
Volume 3


This final volume of Collected Essays opens with two significant essays on the writing of history, and the role of the historian. These lead into an important collection of essays on the English Revolution: "Parliament and People in Seventeenth-Century England." "Oliver Cromwell," "A Bourgeois Revolution?" and an ambitious article on "Braudel and the State."

Section three, titled "People," collects Hill's beliefs on The Lisle Letters, and discusses important social, cultural, and political questions. The fourth section, "Ideas," includes "The Poor and the People," and "Science and Magic." This volume is completed by an essay on the theological concept in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries of the representative person or public persons.

For several of these essays Christopher Hill has added up-to-date postscripts, and the essays have been carefully revised.

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