Bram Fischer

Afrikaner Revolutionary
The extraordinary story of a pioneering anti-apartheid leader who led Nelson Mandela's defense at the Rivonia trial



In 1964 Bram Fischer led the defense of Nelson Mandela in the Rivonia Trial. In 1966 Fischer was himself sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa for his political activities against the policies of apartheid. Before his sentencing he had spent nine months underground, in disguise, evading a nationwide manhunt. He was South Africa's most wanted man, his cause recognized and celebrated around the world.

What had brought him to these circumstances? And what led to his untimely death after nine years in prison? This meticulous and finely crafted biography follows a fascinating journey of conscience and personal transformation.

Covering more than one hundred years of South African history, the book ranges from the stories of Fischer and his wife, Molly , to the courtroom drama of South Africa's great political trials, to the political intrigue of the 1960s and beyond.

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