Public History in Historical Perspective

This series explores, from different critical perspectives, how representations of the past in the U. S. and elsewhere have been mobilized to serve a variety of political, cultural, and social ends. Books in the series offer analyses of interest not simply to public historians but also the wide community of scholars engaged in efforts to understand the role of history in public life.

Manuscript Submissions

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Clark Dougan, Senior Editor
University of Massachusetts Press
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Series Editor

Marla R. Miller
Department of History
University of Massachusetts
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Amherst, MA  01003

Editorial Advisory Board

David W. Blight
Yale University

Gail DuBrow 
University of Minnesota

David Glassberg 
University of Massachusetts Amherst

James Green 
University of Massachusetts Boston

Katherine C. Grier 
University of Delaware

James Oliver Horton 
George Washington University

Edward T. Linenthal
Editor, Journal of American History

Steven Lubar
Brown University

Max Page
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Liz Sevcenko
International Sites of Conscience

Patricia West
National Park Service

Chris Wilson
University of New Mexico

Books in the Series (arranged by year of publication)

"History Is Bunk"
Assembling the Past at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village
The Spirit of 1976
Commerce, Community, and the Politics of Commemoration
Memories of Buenos Aires
Signs of State Terrorism in Argentina
[node-title] From Storefront to Monument
Tracing the Public History of the Black Museum Movement
Remembering the Revolution
Memory, History, and Nation Making from Independence to the Civil War
A Living Exhibition
The Smithsonian and the Transformation of the Universal Museum
The Wages of History
Emotional Labor on Public History's Front Lines
[node-title] Alice Morse Earle and the Domestic History of Early America 2013
Remembering the Forgotten War
The Enduring Legacies of the U.S.-Mexican War
[node-title] Museums, Monuments, and National Parks
Toward a New Genealogy of Public History
Born in the U.S.A.
Birth, Commemoration, and American Public Memory
[node-title] Everybody's History
Indiana's Lincoln Inquiry and the Quest to Reclaim a President's Past
Out of the Attic
Inventing Antiques in Twentieth-Century New England