Words in Transit Podcasts Now Available


The Words in Transit podcast is now available from iTunes or at http://nepr.net/podcasts/

NEPR will release a new podcast every two weeks. Here’s the upcoming schedule for the next few weeks:

November 3: Episode 1: Words in Transit: Stories of Immigrants series overview.

November 17: Episode 2: Undocumented: featuring the stories of Angelica Merino Monge and Bryan Torres.

December 1: Episode 3: Education: featuring the stories of Woodlyn Joachim and Heap Sin.

December 15: Episode 4: Leaving Iraq: featuring the stories of Fouad Abood and Samir Khaleel.

December 29: Episode 5: Refugee Children: featuring the stories of Vira Douangmany Cage and Souvan-Malis Loeung