The Riveting Tale of a Quintessential American


Lynn Downey is touring with her biography Levi Strauss: The Man Who Gave Blue Jeans to the World. Through storytelling, images, and readings from her book, Downey will help her audiences better know one of San Francisco’s most famous citizens: Levi Strauss.  She will talk about his early years in Bavaria and New York; his life, career, and contributions to San Francisco history, culture, and politics; and how he and a Reno, Nevada tailor invented the first blue jeans. 

Her book, the first full-length biography of Strauss, has received glowing reviews, including this one from Foreword Reviews: "Levi Strauss reveals the inspiring story of a man who ultimately transformed modern fashion. It is a quintessential immigrant story with fascinating insights into American history." For more reviews, please see Levi Strauss. 

For television coverage of this book, please see C-SPAN and KCTVU.

Below is Downey's book talk schedule, which we will update as she continues her tour:

January 12: Sacramento History Museum 
January 17: Levi Plaza, San Francisco
January 25: California Historical Society, San Francisco

February 4: San Francisco Public Library
February 9: Books, Inc., Laurel Village
February 23: Jewish Community Library

March 14: Commonwealth Club, San Francisco
March 25: The Sitting Room, Penngrove

April 8: Sonoma Valley Historical Society
April 26: Nevada Historical Society, Reno
April 27: Nevada State Museum, Carson City

May 9: San Francisco Museum and Historical Society
May 21: Sonoma County History Day, Santa Rosa

June 27: Sacramento County Historical Society

July 25: San Francisco History Association