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Juniper Prize for Fiction winner Hasanthika Sirisena, author of The Other One: Stories made the list for's "The Asian American Literature That Got Me Through 2016." 

R.O. Kwan wrote that in this tempestuous election year, "not everything's been hateful. I've... More


James Young sat down recently to talk with NEPR's Susan Kaplan about his book The Stages Of Memory: Reflections On Memorial Art, Loss And The Spaces Between. In this interview Young describes some of the thought that went into the decision for the final design of the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Particularly Young reflects on what draws people to memorials and how memorials help the grieving process.He said the aim for the 9/11 Memorial was to choose something that would endure... More


You can see Susan Muaddi Darraj accept her American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation for A Curious Land: Stories from Home on C-Span Book TV. In this clip, Muaddi Darraj speaks of the misunderstandings Americans have concerning Palestinian people and culture. She said her book was... More


Lynn Downey is touring with her biography Levi Strauss: The Man Who Gave Blue Jeans to the World. Through storytelling, images, and readings from her book, Downey will help her audiences better know one of San Francisco’s most famous citizens: Levi Strauss.  She will talk about his early years in Bavaria and New York; his life, career, and contributions to San Francisco history, culture, and politics;... More


The Words in Transit podcast is now available from iTunes or at

NEPR will release a new podcast every two weeks. Here’s the upcoming schedule for the next few weeks:

November 3: Episode 1: Words in Transit: Stories of Immigrants series overview.

November 17: Episode 2: Undocumented: featuring... More


In conversation with 9/11 Memorial Vice-President for Education and Public Programs Clifford Chanin, James Young discussed the pursuit of memory studies, the 9/11 Memorial jury process, and a comparison of the 9/11 Memorial process with that of the memorial to the murdered children of the  Labor Party youth camp at Utoya, Norway recently at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. You can... More


Jim Hicks, the editor of the Massachusetts Review offers this moving commentary on the multiple award winning collection of short stories A Curious Land: Stories from Home by Susan Muaddi Darraj.

He writes: "In this time of increasing Islamophobia, we should not need to be reminded that not all religion is extremist,... More


Stephen Clingman, author of the memoir Birthmark--now available in the United States from University of Massachusetts Press--compares the South Africa he knew in his youth to the U.S. he knows today in this article from Tikkun  on the eve of our... More


Please join UMass Press, Tuesday, November 1, 7 p.m., at the Jones Library for a reading by Peter Benes from his newest book: For a Short Time Only: Itinerants and the Resurgence of Popular Culture in Early America.

Peter Benes is director of the Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife in affiliation with Historic Deerfield, Inc., in Deerfield, MA.

In this book he examines the rise... More


Paul Ringel, author of Commercializing Childhood, spoke with his local NPR, about how children were targeted by marketers long... More