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UMass Press publishing partner the Library of American Landscape History has just completed two documentaries of significance. Please take a look: Naumkeag and Designing in the Prairie Spirit.


Meetinghouses of Early New England, by Peter Benes, was named to Choice magazine's annual list of "Outstanding Academic Titles." This list includes just 9 percent of the titles reviewed by Choice during the past year, and less than 3 percent  of the more than 25,000 titles submitted for review during the same period. Meetinghouses of Early New England... More


Gregory Blake Smith accepts his Minnesota Book Award in this youtube clip.


Barbara Hochman's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and the Reading Revolution received the 2012 DeLong Book History Book Prize from the Society for the History of Authoriship, Reading and Publishing. She was presented with the $1000 prize at SHARP's annual conference in Dublin, Ireland.

In announcing the Prize at SHARP’s annual conference in Dublin on behalf of the judging panel,... More


Timothy Parrish, author of Ralph Ellison and the Genius of America, shared thoughts about Ellison on CBC radio. Please listen.


A Kind of Archeology: Collecting Folk Art in America, 1876-1976, by Elizabeth Stillinger, was chosen as one of “The Best of the Best from University Presses: Books You Should Know About.” This program highlights titles reviewed in “University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries, 22ndEdition,” from the American Library Association.

Gregory Blake Smith's ... More


Christopher Daly’s Covering America is receiving excellent reviews.  Publishers Weekly describes it as "a surprisingly spirited and detailed account of American journalism and the many ways  in which the press has impacted the trajectory of American history, and vice versa. . . . In addition to the interesting stories, Daly makes  many cogent  arguments about  what the press has meant to the country's... More


The University of Massachusetts Press is pleased to announce that Brandon Dean Lamson has won the 2012 Juniper Prize for Poetry for his collection Starship Tahiti. The runner-up is Siobhán Scarry.

Steve Yates has won the 2012 Juniper Prize for Fiction with his collection Some Kinds of Love.

We want to express our gratitude to all of the writers who participated in this year's fiction and poetry competitions. For more... More


Laura Kasischke, Juniper Award winner for Dance and Disappear (UMass Press, 2002), won the National Book Critics Circle poetry prize for her collection Space, in Chains (Copper Canyon Press).

Christine Sneed, author of Portraits of a Few of the People I've Made Cry (UMass Press, 2010), has a forthcoming novel from Bloomsbury Press called Little Known Facts.


Elizabeth Stillinger’s A Kind of Archeology has generated a great deal of interest in the arts media, including a notice in the “Antiques” column of the New York Times and a front-page review by Laura Beach in Antiques and the Arts Weekly.  The latter wrote, “Heavily illustrated and just shy of 450 pages, the book is a sweeping, De Mille-style epic populated by dozens of dealers, collectors,... More