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Prominent LGBT writers name their favorite LGBT books of 2013 on the Band of Thebes blog. These writers include our own author Amy Hoffman, Lies About My Family and An Army of Ex-Lovers: My Life at the... More


Lucas Southworth, winner of the Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction with his collection of stories Everyone Here Has a Gun, shares thoughts on writing with the Hayden's Ferry Review.


A fascinating and energetic interview with Devon Powers, author of Writing the Record: The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism, is posted on Critical Margins.


Dan Gilbert speaks about his book Expanding the Strike Zone: Baseball in the Age of Free Agency on NPR's Only a Game. In the interview with Bill Littlefield, Gilbert explores ideas of community identity, connection, and economics as relating to baseball. In Littlefields's review of the book, he... More


John Dougan's The Mistakes of Yesterday, the Hopes of Tomorrow: The Story of the Prisonaires was named "Best Music Book of 2013" by the Nashville Scene. Congratulations Prof. Dougan!


We ar pleased to announce that Matt Miller, author of Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans, has been awarded a Certificate of Merit in the Association for Recorded Sound Collections Awards for Excellence for Historical Recorded Sound Research in Blues, R& B, Hip-Hop, or Soul Music.


Brian Halley, our acquisitions editor based at UMass Boston, spoke to Publishers Weekly (June 17, 2013) about LGBT studies and university presses. He said: "Those of us at presses in which history is a strong area have continued to seek out those books that tell hidden or potentially forgotten stories which hold crossover appeal." Particularly he noted UMass Press books: Lies About my Family, by... More


Christine Pawley, author of Reading Places: Literacy, Democracy, and the Public Library in Cold War America, has won the Eliza Atkins Gleason Book Award from the American Library Association.

Presented every third year, the award recognizes the best book written in English in the field of library history.

Of Pawley's book, the committee said: " A particular strength of Reading... More


Michelle Marchetti Coughlin, author of One Colonial Woman's World: The Life and Writings of Mehetabel Chandler Coit discusses her discovery of this earliest of Colonial women's diaries and the subsequent search for the original document on Common-place:


Dana Roeser has won the 2013 Juniper Prize for Poetry for her collection The Theme of Tonight's Party Has Been Changed.

Rod Val Moore has won the 2013 Juniper Prize for Fiction for his novel A History of Hands.

Thank you to all of the writers who participated in this year's Juniper Prize competition. Guidelines for next year's Juniper Prize for Poetry and Juniper Prize for Fiction can be found at our website: www.... More