University Press Committee

Members of the Press’s editorial board—the University Press Committee—are appointed by the Faculty Senate and serve three-year terms. The current members include:

Maria Tymoczko, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (chair)

Briankle Chang, Communication

Carey Clouse, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Jennifer Fronc, History

Jose Angel Hernandez, History

James Kelly, W.E.B Du Bois Library

Randall Knoper, English

Elizabeth Porto, Eisenberg School of Management

James Smethurst, Afro-American Studies

Sari Kawana, Japanese, UMass Boston

Banu Subramaniam, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Diana Yoon, Legal Studies / Political Science

Joel Martin, Dean of Faculty (ex officio)

Ernest May, Secretary, Faculty Senate (ex officio)

Bruce Wilcox, Director, University Press (ex officio)