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Bumas, E. Shaskan. The Price of Tea in China [node-title]
Bundtzen, Lynda K. The Other Ariel
Bunkers, Suzanne L., and Cynthia A. Huff, eds. Inscribing the Daily
Critical Essays on Women's Diaries
Burgin, Diana L. Performing Life
The Story of Ruth Posselt, American Violinist
Burns, Andrea A. From Storefront to Monument
Tracing the Public History of the Black Museum Movement
Burrows, David. Sound, Speech, and Music [node-title]
Bush, Gregory W. Lord of Attention
Gerald Stanley Lee and the Crowd Metaphor in Industrializing America
Cagidemetrio, Alide. Fictions of the Past
Hawthorne and Melville
Calderwood, James L. Shakespeare and the Denial of Death [node-title]
Calderwood, James L. The Properties of "Othello"
Calderwood, James L. If It Were Done
"Macbeth" and Tragic Action
Callaghan, Hugh, and Sally Mulready. introduction by Padraig O'Malley. Cruel Fate
One Man's Triumph over Injustice
Campbell, Bonnie Jo. Women and Other Animals
Canfield, John V. Wittgenstein
Language and World
Cannon, Eoin F. The Saloon and the Mission
Addiction, Conversion, and the Politics of Redemption in American Culture
Caponi, Gena Dagel, ed. Signifyin(g), Sanctifyin', and Slam Dunking
A Reader in African American Expressive Culture
Caponi-Tabery, Gena D. Jump for Joy
Jazz, Basketball, and Black Culture in 1930s America
Carlin, Deborah S. Cather, Canon, and Politics of Reading [node-title]
Carlson, Michael. Cement Guitar [node-title]
Carr, Ethan. Mission 66
Modernism and the National Park Dilemma