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"Murrell, Gary. afterword by Bettina Aptheker." The Most Dangerous Communist in the United States”
A Biography of Herbert Aptheker
"Nashel, Jonathan." Edward Lansdale's Cold War
"O'Brien, William E." Landscapes of Exclusion
State Parks and Jim Crow in the American South
"O'Connell, Shaun, ed." Boston
Voices and Visions
"O'Connor, Thomas H." The Athens of America
"Boston, 1825-1845"
"O'Gorman, James F." Isaiah Rogers
Architectural Practice in Antebellum America
"O'Malley, Padraig, Paul L. Atwood, and Patricia Peterson, eds." Sticks and Stones
Living with Uncertain Wars
"Ostrowski, Carl." "Books, Maps, and Politics"
"A Cultural History of the Library of Congress, 1783-1861"
"Parrish, Timothy." From the Civil War to the Apocalypse
Postmodern History and American Fiction
"Pawley, Christine." Reading Places
"Literacy, Democracy, and the Public Library in Cold War America"
"Pawling, Micah A., ed." Wabanaki Homeland and the New State of Maine
The 1820 Journal and Plans of Survey of Joseph Treat
"Peace, Roger." A Call to Conscience
The Anti-Contra War Campaign
"Peck, James" Washington's China
"The National Security World, the Cold War, and the Origins of Globalism"
"Penney, Sharon H., and James D. Livingston." A Very Dangerous Woman
Martha Wright and Women's Rights
"Petrulionis, Sandra Harbert, and Laura Dassow Walls, eds." More Day to Dawn
Thoreau's Walden for the Twenty-first Century
"Pfitzer, Gregory M." History Repeating Itself
The Republication of Children's Historical Literature and the Christian Right
"Pfitzer, Gregory M." "Popular History and the Literary Marketplace, 1840–1920" [node-title]
"Pierce, Jennifer Burek." What Adolescents Ought to Know
Sexual Health Texts in Early Twentieth-Century America
"Platt, Rutherford H." The Humane Metropolis
People and Nature in the 21st-Century City
"Poirot, Kristan." A Question of Sex
"Feminism, Rhetoric, and Differences That Matter"