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Bross, Kristina K., and Hilary E. Wyss, eds. Early Native Literacies in New England
A Documentary and Critical Anthology
Browder, Laura. Rousing the Nation
Radical Culture in Depression America
Brown, Gayle L., ed. introduction by Michael True. The Dial
Arts and Letters in the 1920s
Brown, Karen. Pins and Needles
Brown, Richard D., and Jack Tager. Massachusetts
A Concise History
Brown, Wesley. afterword by W. T. Lhamon Jr. Darktown Strutters
A Novel
Browning, Reed. Baseball's Greatest Season, 1924 [node-title]
Browning, Reed. Cy Young
A Baseball Life
Bruggeman, Seth C., ed. Born in the U.S.A.
Birth, Commemoration, and American Public Memory
Bryant, Jerry. Victims and Heroes
Racial Violence in the African American Novel
Bucciantini, Alima. Exhibiting Scotland
Objects, Identity, and the National Museum
Buckley, Kerry W., ed. A Place Called Paradise
Culture and Community in Northampton, Massachusetts, 1654-2004
Bumas, E. Shaskan. The Price of Tea in China [node-title]
Bundtzen, Lynda K. The Other Ariel
Bunkers, Suzanne L., and Cynthia A. Huff, eds. Inscribing the Daily
Critical Essays on Women's Diaries
Burgin, Diana L. Performing Life
The Story of Ruth Posselt, American Violinist
Burns, Andrea A. From Storefront to Monument
Tracing the Public History of the Black Museum Movement
Burrows, David. Sound, Speech, and Music [node-title]
Bush, Gregory W. Lord of Attention
Gerald Stanley Lee and the Crowd Metaphor in Industrializing America
Bush, Harold K. and Brian Yothers, Editors Above the American Renaissance
David S. Reynolds and the Spiritual Imagination in American Literary Studies