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Simmel, Georg. translated by Helmut Loiskandl, Michael Weinstein, and Deena Weinstein. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche [node-title]
Simonds, O. C. introduction by Robert E. Grese. Landscape-Gardening (1920) [node-title]
Simpson, Michael. The Metamorphoses of Ovid
Simpson, Michael. The Metamorphoses of Ovid
Sinnreich, Aram. The Piracy Crusade
How the Music Industry's War on Sharing Destroys Markets and Erodes Civil Liberties
Sinnreich, Aram. Mashed Up
Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture
Sirisena, Hasanthika. The Other One
Sirman, Brian M. Concrete Changes
Architecture, Politics, and the Design of Boston City Hall
Skorczewski, Dawn. Teaching One Moment at a Time
Disruption and Repair in the Classroom
Sleeper-Smith, Susan. Indian Women and French Men
Rethinking Cultural Encounter in the Western Great Lakes
Sloat, Caroline F., ed. Meet Your Neighbors
New England Portraits, Painters, and Society 1790-1850
Sloop, John M. Disciplining Gender
Rhetorics of Sex Identity in Contemporary U.S. Culture
Smith, Gregory Blake. The Law of Miracles
And Other Stories
Smith, Harmon. My Friend, My Friend
The Story of Thoreau's Relationship with Emerson
Smith, Harold L., ed. British Feminism in the Twentieth Century
Smith, John David. We Ask Only for Even-Handed Justice
Black Voices from Reconstruction, 1865-1877
Smith, Lawrence G. Cesare Pavese and America
Life, Love, and Literature
Smith, Thomas E. Emancipation without Equality
Pan-African Activism and the Global Color Line
Sneed, Christine. Portraits of a Few of the People I’ve Made Cry
Soitos, Stephen. The Blues Detective
A Study of African American Detective Fiction