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Warner, Patricia C. When the Girls Came Out to Play
The Birth Of American Sportswear
Waugh, Frank A. introduction by Linda F. McClelland. Book of Landscape Gardening (1926) [node-title]
Webb, Barbara J. Myth and History in Caribbean Novel
Alejo Carpentier, Wilson Harris, Edouard Glissant
Weierman, Karen Woods. One Nation, One Blood
Interracial Marriage in American Fiction, Scandal, and Law, 1820-1870
Weil, Simone. edited by Dorothy Tuck McFarland and Wilhelmina Van Ness. Formative Writings, 1929-1941
Weinberg, Meyer, ed. new introduction by John H. Bracey Jr. The World of W.E.B. Du Bois
A Quotation Sourcebook
Weinstein, Michael A. Finite Perfection
Reflections on Virture
Weir, David American Orient
Imagining the East from the Colonial Era through the Twentieth Century
Weir, David. Anarchy and Culture
The Aesthetic Politics of Modernism
Weir, David. Decadence and the Making of Modernism
Weisberg, Stuart. Barney Frank
The Story of America's Only Left-Handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman
Weisman, Richard. Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts
Weiss, Timothy. On the Margins
The Art of Exile in V.S. Naipaul
Wergland, Glendyne R. Sisters in the Faith
Shaker Women and Equality of the Sexes
Wergland, Glendyne R. One Shaker Life
Isaac Newton Youngs, 1793-1865
West, Dorothy. edited by Cynthia Davis-Sbaschnig and Verner D. Mitchell. Where the Wild Grape Grows
Selected Writings, 1930-1950
Wilkie, Richard W., and Jack Tager, eds. cartographic production directed by Roy Doyon. Historical Atlas of Massachusetts
Williams, Gary. Hungry Heart
The Literary Emergence of Julia Ward Howe
Williams, Susan Reynolds. Alice Morse Earle and the Domestic History of Early America [node-title]
Wilmers, Gertrude de G., and Julie L. Sloan. Frederic Crowninshield
A Renaissance Man in the Gilded Age