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Venet, Wendy Hamand. A Strong-Minded Woman
The Life of Mary Livermore
Vernon, Christopher Graceland Cemetery
A Design History
Vials, Christopher. Haunted by Hitler
Liberals, the Left, and the Fight against Fascism in the United States
Vigeland, Carl A. In Concert
Onstage and Offstage with the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Vogelsang, Arthur. Cities and Towns
von Bothmer, Bernard. Framing the Sixties
The Use and Abuse of a Decade from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush
von Mehren, Joan. Minerva and the Muse
A Life of Margaret Fuller
von Schmidt, Eric, and Jim Rooney. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
The Illustrated Story of the Cambridge Folk Years
Vrabel, Jim. A People's History of the New Boston
Vuyk, Beb, and H. J. Friedericy. translated by André Lefevere and Hans Koning. edited by E. M. Beekman. Two Tales of the East Indies
"The Last House in the World" and "The Counselor"
Wadsworth, Sarah, and Wayne A. Wiegand. Right Here I See My Own Books
The Woman's Building Library at the World's Columbian Exposition
Wadsworth, Sarah. In the Company of Books
Literature and Its "Classes" in Nineteenth-Century America
Wald, Elijah. Josh White
Society Blues
Walker, Jayne L. The Making of a Modernist
Gertrude Stein from "Three Lives" to "Tender Buttons"
Walker, William S. A Living Exhibition
The Smithsonian and the Transformation of the Universal Museum
Wallach, Alan. Exhibiting Contradiction
Essays on the Art Museum in the United States
Wallach, Glenn. Obedient Sons
The Discourse of Youth and Generations in American Culture, 1630-1860
Waller, Douglas C. foreword by Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Congress and the Nuclear Freeze
An Inside Look at the Politics of a Mass Movement
Ward, James F. Heidegger's Political Thinking
Ward, James F. Language, Form, and Inquiry
Arthur F. Bentley's Philosophy of Social Science