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Shaw, Robert B. The Wonder of Seeing Double
Shaw, Tony. Hollywood's Cold War [node-title]
Sherer, Stanley E. and Michael E. C. Gery. foreword by Hugh Hawkins. Founding Farms
Portraits of Five Massachusetts Family Farms
Sherer, Stanley E., and Marjorie Senechal. Long Life To Your Children
A Portrait of High Albania
Sherman, William H. John Dee
The Politics of Reading and Writing in the English Renaissance
Shershow, Scott C. Laughing Matters
The Paradox of Comedy
Shillue, Edith. Peace Comes Dropping Slow
Conversations in Northern Ireland
Shillue, Edith. foreword by Kevin Bowen. Earth and Water
Encounters in Viet Nam
Shoemaker, Nancy, ed. Living with Whales
Documents and Oral Histories of Native New England Whaling History
Shore, Jane. The Minute Hand
Shore, Jane. Eye Level [node-title]
Short, Bryan C. Cast by Means of Figures
Herman Melville's Rhetorical Development
Shucard, Alan, Fred Moramarco, and William Sullivan. Modern American Poetry, 1865-1950
Shucard, Alan. American Poetry
The Puritans through Walt Whitman
Siemon, James R. Word against Word
Shakespearean Utterance
Silver, Mitchell. Respecting the Wicked Child
A Philosophy of Secular Jewish Identity and Education
Silverman, Jonathan. Nine Choices
Johnny Cash and American Culture
Simmel, Georg. translated by Helmut Loiskandl, Michael Weinstein, and Deena Weinstein. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche [node-title]
Simonds, O. C. introduction by Robert E. Grese. Landscape-Gardening (1920) [node-title]
Simpson, Michael. The Metamorphoses of Ovid