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Berman, Jeffrey. Risky Writing
Self-Disclosure and Self-Transformation in the Classroom
Berman, Jeffrey. Surviving Literary Suicide [node-title]
Berman, Jeffrey. afterword by Maryanne Hannan. Diaries to an English Professor
Pain and Growth in the Classroom
Bernard, Sean. Desert sonorous
Bernhard, J. Gary. Primates in the Classroom
An Evolutionary Perspective on Children's Education
Bernstein, Lee. The Greatest Menace
Organized Crime in Cold War America
Bhushan, Nalini, Jay L. Garfield, and Abraham Zablocki, eds. TransBuddhism
Transmission, Translation, and Transformation
Bibby, Michael, ed. The Vietnam War and Postmodernity
Bickford, Walter E., and Ute J. Dymon, eds. Massachusetts River Basin Atlas
An Environmental Design for the Future
Bishop-Sanchez, Kathryn, ed. The Other Nineteenth Century
Black, Rebecca. Cottonlandia [node-title]
Blais, Andrew L. On the Plurality of Actual Worlds
Blais, Madeleine. foreword by Geneva Overholser. The Heart Is an Instrument
Portraits in Journalism
Blatt, Martin H., Thomas J. Brown, and Donald Yacovone, eds. foreword by Colin L. Powell. Hope and Glory
Essays on the Legacy of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment
Blewett, Mary H. Constant Turmoil
The Politics of Industrial Life in Nineteenth-Century New England
Blewett, Mary H. The Last Generation
Work and Life in the Textile Mills of Lowell, Massachusetts, 1910-1960
Blight, David W. Beyond the Battlefield
Race, Memory, and the American Civil War
Blight, David W., ed. When This Cruel War Is Over
The Civil War Letters of Charles Harvey Brewster
Bloom, John. There You Have It
The Life, Legacy, and Legend of Howard Cosell
Bluestein, Gene. Poplore
Folk and Pop in American Culture