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Scott, Holly V. Younger Than That Now
The Politics of Age in the 1960s
Sears, John F. Sacred Places
American Tourist Attractions in the Nineteenth Century
Sedgwick, Ellery. A History of the "Atlantic Monthly," 1857-1909
Yankee Humanism at High Tide and Ebb
Seelye, John. War Games
Richard Harding Davis and the New Imperialism
Segal, Howard P. Recasting the Machine Age
Henry Ford's Village Industries
Segal, Howard P. Future Imperfect
The Mixed Blessings of Technology in America
Segal, Robert A. Theorizing about Myth
Selzer, Linda Furgerson. Charles Johnson in Context [node-title]
Senechal de la Roche, Roberta, ed. "Our Aim Was Man"
Andrew's Sharpshooters in the American Civil War
Sentilles, Renée M. American Tomboys, 1850–1915
Seuss, Diane. Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown Open
Shaffer, Brian W. The Blinding Torch
Modern British Fiction and the Discourse of Civilization
Shanahan, Daniel. Toward a Genealogy of Individualism
Shand-Tucci, Douglass. Built in Boston
City and Suburb, 1800-2000
Shand-Tucci, Douglass. Boston Bohemia, 1881-1900
Ralph Adams Cram: Life and Architecture
Shand-Tucci, Paul Douglass. Ralph Adams Cram
An Architect's Four Quests
Shannon, Elizabeth. I Am of Ireland
Women of the North Speak Out
Shannon, William V. The American Irish
A Political and Social Portrait
Shapiro, Gary, and Alan Sica, eds. Hermeneutics
Questions and Prospects
Shapiro, Herbert. White Violence and Black Response
From Reconstruction to Montgomery