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"Grese, Robert E., ed." The Native Landscape Reader [node-title]
"Grubbs, Larry." Secular Missionaries
Americans and African Development in the 1960s
"Gunn, Drewey Wayne, and Jaime Harker, eds." 1960s Gay Pulp Fiction
The Misplaced Heritage
"Guthrie, James R." A Kiss from Thermopylae
Emily Dickinson and Law
"Guttmann, Allen." Sports
The First Five Millennia
"Haefeli, Evan, and Kevin Sweeney." Captive Histories
"English, French, and Native Narratives of the 1704 Deerfield Raid"
"Hafertepe, Kenneth, and James F. O'Gorman, eds." "American Architects and Their Books, 1840-1915" [node-title]
"Hagopian, Patrick." The Vietnam War in American Memory
"Veterans, Memorials, and the Politics of Healing"
"Hamin, Elisabeth M., Priscilla Geigis, and Linda Silka, eds." Preserving and Enhancing Communities
"A Guide for Citizens, Planners, and Policymakers"
"Hardack, Richard." Not Altogether Human
Pantheism and the Dark Nature of the American Renaissance
"Harker, Jaime." America the Middlebrow
"Women's Novels, Progressivism, and Middlebrow Authorship between the Wars"
"Hecht, David K." Storytelling and Science
Rewriting Oppenheimer in the Nuclear Age
"Helgen, Judy." Peril in the Ponds
"Deformed Frogs, Politics, and a Biologist's Quest"
"Hickman, Timothy A." The Secret Leprosy of Modern Days
"Narcotic Addiction and Cultural Crisis in the United States, 1870-1920"
"Hoberman, Michael." New Israel / New England
Jews and Puritans in Early America
"Hoberman, Michael." How Strange It Seems
The Cultural Life of Jews in Small-Town New England
"Hochman, Barbara." Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Reading Revolution
"Race, Literacy, Childhood, and Fiction, 1851-1911"
"Holzman, Michael." "James Jesus Angleton, the CIA, and the Craft of Counterintelligence"
"Hornick, Robert." The Girls and Boys of Belchertown
A Social History of the Belchertown State School for the Feeble-Minded
"Horowitz, Daniel." On the Cusp
The Yale College Class of 1960 and a World on the Verge of Change