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"Cooks, Bridget R." Exhibiting Blackness
African Americans and the American Art Museum
"Coughlin, Michelle Marchetti." One Colonial Woman's World
The Life and Writings of Mehetabel Chandler Coit
"Cray, Robert E." Lovewell's Fight
"War, Death, and Memory in Borderland New England"
"Creadick, Anna G." Perfectly Average
The Pursuit of Normality in Postwar America
"Culkin, Kate." Harriet Hosmer
A Cultural Biography
"D'Amore, Maura." Suburban Plots
Men at Home in Nineteenth-Century American Print Culture
"D., Ramola." Temporary Lives
"De Wolfe, Elizabeth, ed." Domestic Broils
"Shakers, Antebellum Marriage, and the Narratives of Mary and Joseph Dyer"
"Dean, Robert D." Imperial Brotherhood
Gender and the Making of Cold War Foreign Policy
"Deppman, Jed." Trying to Think with Emily Dickinson [node-title]
"Dichter, Thomas W." Despite Good Intentions
Why Development Assistance to the Third World Has Failed
"Diedrich, Maria I." Cornelia James Cannon and the Future American Race [node-title]
"Donohue, Kathleen G., ed." Liberty and Justice for All?
Rethinking Politics in Cold War America
"Dougan, John." "The Mistakes of Yesterday, the Hopes of Tomorrow"
The Story of the Prisonaires
"Dunn, Mary Lee." Ballykilcline Rising
From Famine Ireland to Immigrant America
"Dunne, Matthew W." A Cold War State of Mind
Brainwashing and Postwar American Society
"Eberwein, Jane Donahue, and Cindy MacKenzie, eds. foreword by Marietta Messmer." Reading Emily Dickinson's Letters
Critical Essays
"Elrod, Eileen R." Piety and Dissent
"Race, Gender, and Biblical Rhetoric in Early American Autobiography"
"Engelhardt, Tom." The Last Days of Publishing
A Novel
"Estes, Todd." "The Jay Treaty Debate, Public Opinion, and the Evolution of Early American Political Culture"