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"Berman, Jeffrey, and Patricia H. Wallace." Cutting and the Pedagogy of Self-Disclosure [node-title]
"Berman, Jeffrey." Dying in Character
Memoirs on the End of Life
"Berman, Jeffrey." Companionship in Grief
"Love and Loss in the Memoirs of C. S. Lewis, John Bayley, Donald Hall, Joan Didion, and Calvin Trillin"
"Bernard, Sean." Desert sonorous
"Bhushan, Nalini, Jay L. Garfield, and Abraham Zablocki, eds." TransBuddhism
"Transmission, Translation, and Transformation"
"Boglioli, Marc." A Matter of Life and Death
Hunting in Contemporary Vermont
"Bolaki, Stella, and Sabine Broeck, eds." Audre Lorde’s Transnational Legacies
"Bosco, Ronald A., ed. foreword by Robert D. Richardson, Jr." Nature's Panorama
Thoreau on the Seasons
"Bracey, John H. Jr., Sonia Sanchez, and James Smethurst, eds." SOS—Calling All Black People
A Black Arts Movement Reader
"Bradley, Doug, and Craig Werner." We Gotta Get Out of This Place
The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War
"Brennessel, Barbara." The Alewives' Tale
The Life History and Ecology of River Herring in the Northeast
"Brooks, Pamela." "Boycotts, Buses, and Passes"
Black Women's Resistance in the U.S. South and South Africa
"Bross, Kristina K., and Hilary E. Wyss, eds." Early Native Literacies in New England
A Documentary and Critical Anthology
"Brown, Karen." Pins and Needles
"Browning, Reed." "Baseball's Greatest Season, 1924" [node-title]
"Bruggeman, Seth C., ed." Born in the U.S.A.
"Birth, Commemoration, and American Public Memory"
"Burns, Andrea A." From Storefront to Monument
Tracing the Public History of the Black Museum Movement
"Cannon, Eoin F." The Saloon and the Mission
"Addiction, Conversion, and the Politics of Redemption in American Culture"
"Caponi-Tabery, Gena D." Jump for Joy
"Jazz, Basketball, and Black Culture in 1930s America"
"Caspers, Nona." Heavier Than Air