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Thompson, Roger. foreword by David D. Hall. Sex in Middlesex
Popular Mores in a Massachusetts County, 1649-1699
Thuy, Tran Van, and Le Thanh Dung. edited, adapted, and introduced by Wayne Karlin. translated by Eric Henry and Nguyen Quang Dy. In Whose Eyes
The Memoir of a Vietnamese Filmmaker in War and Peace
Tillery, Tyrone. Claude McKay
A Black Poet's Struggle for Identity
Tinbergen, Niko. Curious Naturalists
Tiner, Ralph W. Tidal Wetlands Primer
An Introduction to Their Ecology, Natural History, Status, and Conservation
Tiner, Ralph W. drawings by Abigail Rorer. Field Guide to Tidal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States and Neighboring Canada
Vegetation of Beaches, Tidal Flats, Rocky Shores, Marshes, Swamps, and Coastal Ponds
Tiner, Ralph W. drawings by Abigail Rorer. Field Guide to Coastal Wetland Plants of the Southeastern United States
Tiner, Ralph W. drawings by Abigail Rorer. Field Guide to Coastal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States
Tiro, Karim M. The People of the Standing Stone
The Oneida Nation from the Revolution through the Era of Removal
Todd, Richard, and Douglas C. Wilson, eds. foreword by Peter R. Pouncey. Teaching What We Do
Essays by Amherst College Faculty
Tokarczyk, Michelle M., and Elizabeth A. Fay, eds. Working-Class Women in the Academy
Laborers in the Knowledge Factory
Tomlan, Mary Raddant, ed. A Neat Plain Modern Stile
Philip Hooker and His Contemporaries, 1790-1840
Totten, Gary. African American Travel Narratives from Abroad
Mobility and Cultural Work in the Age of Jim Crow
Trachtenberg, Alan, ed. introduction by Lewis Mumford. Memoirs of Waldo Frank
Tracy, Sarah W., and Caroline J. Acker, eds. Altering American Consciousness
The History of Alcohol and Drug Use in the United States, 1800-2000
Tracy, Steven C. Write Me a Few of Your Lines
A Blues Reader
Tracy, Susan J. In the Master's Eye
Representations of Women, Blacks, and Poor Whites in Antebellum Southern Literature
Travers, Len. Celebrating the Fourth
Independence Day and the Rites of Nationalism in the Early Republic
Traverso, Susan. Welfare Politics in Boston, 1910-1940
Trent, James W. The Manliest Man
Samuel G. Howe and the Contours of Nineteenth-Century American Reform