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Tager, Jack, and John W. Ifkovic, eds. Massachusetts in the Gilded Age
Selected Essays
Tager, Jack. Massachusetts at a Glance
A User's Guide to the Bay State
Takacs, Nancy. The Worrier
Tanner, Tony. Henry James
The Writer and His Work
Taylor, Anne-Marie. Young Charles Sumner and the Legacy of the American Enlightenment, 1811-1851
Tezza, Cristovão. translated by Alison Entrekin. The Eternal Son
Thaggert, Miriam. Images of Black Modernism
Verbal and Visual Strategies of the Harlem Renaissance
Thelwell, Chinua Exporting Jim Crow
Blackface Minstrelsy in South Africa and Beyond
black and white photograph of minstrel performers in blackface
Thelwell, Michael M. introduction by James Baldwin. Duties, Pleasures, and Conflicts
Essays in Struggle
Thiel-Stern, Shayla. From the Dance Hall to Facebook
Teen Girls, Mass Media, and Moral Panic in the United States, 1905-2010
Thieu, Nguyen Quang. translated by Martha Collins and Nguyen Quang Thieu. The Women Carry River Water
Thomas, John L., ed. Abraham Lincoln and the American
Political Tradition
Thompson, Catherine L. Patient Expectations
How Economics, Religion, and Malpractice Shaped Therapeutics in Early America
Thompson, George. edited by David S. Reynolds and Kimberly Gladman Jackson. "Venus in Boston" and Other Tales of Nineteenth-Century City Life [node-title]
Thompson, Graham. Herman Melville
Among the Magazines
Thompson, Julie M. Mommy Queerest
Contemporary Rhetorics of Lesbian Maternal Identity
Thompson, Roger. Divided We Stand
Watertown, Massachusetts, 1630-1680
Thompson, Roger. foreword by David D. Hall. Sex in Middlesex
Popular Mores in a Massachusetts County, 1649-1699
Thuy, Tran Van, and Le Thanh Dung. edited, adapted, and introduced by Wayne Karlin. translated by Eric Henry and Nguyen Quang Dy. In Whose Eyes
The Memoir of a Vietnamese Filmmaker in War and Peace
Tillery, Tyrone. Claude McKay
A Black Poet's Struggle for Identity