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Stavely, Keith, and Kathleen Fitzgerald. United Tastes
The Making of the First American Cookbook
Stavely, Keith, and Kathleen Fitzgerald. Northern Hospitality
Cooking by the Book in New England
Steele, Fletcher. introduction by Robin Karson. Design in the Little Garden [node-title]
Steinberg, Theodore. Nature Incorporated
Industrialization and the Waters of New England
Stephenson, R. Bruce. John Nolen, Landscape Architect and City Planner
Stewart, James Brewer, ed. foreword by James O. Horton. Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom [node-title]
Stewart, James Brewer. Abolitionist Politics and the Coming of the Civil War
Stier, Oren Baruch. Committed to Memory
Cultural Mediations of the Holocaust
Stillinger, Elizabeth. A Kind of Archeology
Collecting American Folk Art, 1876-1976
Stone, Harold Samuel. St. Augustine's Bones
A Microhistory
Story, Ronald, ed. foreword by Donald R. Friary and Lorna M. Peterson. Five Colleges: Five Histories
Story, Ronald. Jonathan Edwards and the Gospel of Love [node-title]
Straznicky, Marta, ed. The Book of the Play
Playwrights, Stationers, and Readers in Early Modern England
Streeter, Caroline A. Tragic No More
Mixed-Race Women and the Nexus of Sex and Celebrity
Surbrug, Robert Jr. Beyond Vietnam
The Politics of Protest in Massachusetts, 1974-1990
Swaim, Kathleen M. Before and after the Fall
Contrasting Modes in Paradise Lost
Swann, Brian. foreword by Barry O'Connell. Song of the Sky
Versions of Native American Song-Poems
Swanson, Carl P. Ever-Expanding Horizons
The Dual Informational Sources of Human Evolution
Swedlund. Alan C. Shadows in the Valley
A Cultural History of Illness, Death, and Loss in New England, 1840-1916
Swigger, Jessie. "History Is Bunk"
Assembling the Past at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village