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Roses, Lorraine Elena. Black Bostonians and the Politics of Culture, 1920-1940
Roskill, Mark. What Is Art History?
Roskill, Mark. The Interpretation of Pictures
Ross, Michael R. with contributions byRobert C. Biagi. drawings by Nancy Haver. Recreational Fisheries of Coastal New England
Rosswurm, Steve. The FBI and the Catholic Church, 1935-1962 [node-title]
Roth, Charles E., Cleti Cervoni, Thomas Wellnitz, and Elizabeth Arms. Beyond the Classroom
Exploration of Schoolground and Backyard
Rothblum, Esther D., and Kathleen A. Brehony, eds. Boston Marriages
Romantic but Asexual Relationships among Contemporary Lesbians
Rowell, Lewis E. Thinking about Music
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Music
Rubin, Joan Shelley. Cultural Considerations
Essays on Readers, Writers, and Musicians in Postwar America
Rubin, Rachel, and Jeffrey Melnick, eds. American Popular Music
New Approaches to the Twentieth Century
Rubinson, Paul. Redefining Science
Scientists, the National Security State, and Nuclear Weapons in Cold War America
Runowicz, John Michael. Forever Doo-Wop
Race, Nostalgia, and Vocal Harmony
Rutsala, Vern. Little-Known Sports
Ryan, Dennis P. Beyond the Ballot Box
A Social History of the Boston Irish, 1845-1917
Ryan, Maureen. The Other Side of Grief
The Home Front and the Aftermath in American Narratives of the Vietnam War
Ryan, Robert M., and Ronald A. Sharp, eds. The Persistence of Poetry
Bicentennial Essays on Keats
Ryan, Terre. This Ecstatic Nation
The American Landscape and the Aesthetics of Patriotism
Rzepka, Charles J. Sacramental Commodities
Gift, Text, and the Sublime in De Quincey