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Rabinowitz, Anna. At the Site of Inside Out [node-title]
Raden, Audrey. When I Came to Die
Process and Prophecy in Thoreau's Vision of Dying
Raphael, Matthew J. Bill W. and Mr. Wilson
The Legend and Life of A.A.'s Cofounder
Ratiner, Steven, ed. Giving Their Word
Conversations with Contemporary Poets
Reagan, Patrick D. Designing a New America
The Origins of New Deal Planning, 1890-1943
Resch, John. Suffering Soldiers
Revolutionary War Veterans, Moral Sentiment, and Political Culture in the Early Republic
Reynolds, David S., and Debra J. Rosenthal, eds. The Serpent in the Cup
Temperance in American Literature
Reynolds, Sian, ed. Women, State and Revolution
Essays on Power and Gender in Europe Since 1789
Richard, Mark Paul. Not a Catholic Nation
The Ku Klux Klan Confronts New England in the 1920s
Richmond, Michelle. The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress
Rierden, Andi The Farm
Life Inside a Women's Prison
Rivera, Ralph, and Sonia Nieto, eds. The Education of Latino Students in Massachusetts
Issues, Research, and Policy Implications
Roazen, Paul. Meeting Freud's Family
Robertson-Lorant, Laurie. Melville
A Biography
Robinson, Eric. One Dark Mile
A Widower's Story
Roemer, Kenneth M. Utopian Audiences
How Readers Locate Nowhere
Rollfinke, Dieter, and Jacqueline Rollfinke. The Call of Human Nature
The Role of Scatology in Modern German Literature
Romines, Ann. Constructing the Little House
Gender, Culture, and Laura Ingalls Wilder
Romines, Ann. The Home Plot
Women, Writing, and Domestic Ritual
Rose, Peter I. foreword by Liv Ullmann. The Dispossessed
An Anatomy of Exile