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Platt, Rutherford H. Reclaiming American Cities
The Struggle for People, Place, and Nature since 1900
Platt, Rutherford H. The Humane Metropolis
People and Nature in the 21st-Century City
Platt, Rutherford H., Rowan A. Rowntree, and Pamela C. Muick, eds. The Ecological City
Preserving and Restoring Urban Biodiversity
Pohlman, H. L. The Whole Truth?
A Case of Murder on the Appalachian Trail
Pohlman, H. L., ed. Political Thought and the American Judiciary
Poirot, Kristan. A Question of Sex
Feminism, Rhetoric, and Differences That Matter
Pops, Martin. Home Remedies
Porsdam, Helle. Legally Speaking
Contemporary American Culture and the Law
Porter, Susan L., ed. Women of the Commonwealth
Work, Family, and Social Change in Ninteenth-Century Massachusetts
Post-Lauria, Sheila. Correspondent Colorings
Melville in the Marketplace
Potash, Robert A. Mexican Government and Industrial Development in the Early Republic: The Banco de Avio
Potter, Dawn. Tracing Paradise
Two Years in Harmony with John Milton
Powers, Devon. Writing the Record
The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism
Price, Roberta M. Huerfano
A Memoir of Life in the Counterculture
Pritchard, William H. Shelf Life
Literary Essays and Reviews
Pritchard, William H. Talking Back to Emily Dickinson, and Other Essays [node-title]
Pritchard, William H. Updike
America's Man of Letters
Pritchard, William H. Playing It by Ear
Literary Essays and Reviews
Pritchard, William H. Frost
A Literary Life Reconsidered
Prude, Jonathan. Coming of Industrial Order
Town and Factory Life in Rural Massachusetts, 1810-1860